What Our Listeners Say

I just wanted to say thank you. Your work has meant so very much to me. I still can remember listening to your tapes every night before I fell asleep. The stories were filled with such enthusiasm and compassion, which indeed allowed my imagination to sore. The work that God has allowed you to do has been the steppingstones for my knowledge and faith, thank you. I'll never forget all the wonderful adventures that I had in my own mind while listening to Yours and Louie's amazing visits to The Bible story land castle, Thank you once again.

-J. Fitzwater

Just wanted to tell you how blessed my family has been by Dan & Louie. My In-laws purchased these CD's for my children when they were small (they are 25,17 & 16 now). They listened to them every night (and a lot of days) and LOVED them. Sometimes my son would spit out a Bible fact and I would be amazed and say, "How did you know that?" His response "Dan & Louie". Now I have two grandsons and I recently pulled out the Dan and Louie CD's. Needless to say, we are all enjoying them again. Thank you so much. What an amazing ministry you and your little friend continue to have.

God Bless You

-J Donaldson - OKC, OK

I am so glad to find these stories again on the internet. I bought your cassette tape collection for my boys over 30 years ago that my grandchildren are now listening to. They are starting to wear out so I just ordered your 20 CD collection for them. As my boys did 30 years ago my grandchildren now look forward to bedtime to hear the adventures of Dan and Louie in the story book castle. Thank YOU!

-L. Saunders

I'm writing this letter because I like your Bible stories a lot. I listen to them every night before I go to bed. I've already been through them two times; I'm now on my 3rd time. My sisters listen to them too. Oh yeh, I'm 11 years old.

Your listener,

-Alison Kluck

What a wonderful blessing Dan & Louie have been to our children! Last year we purchased The Children's Bible on cassettes - they have been listened to DAILY by our daughters. This year I began teaching at Community Christian School and we listen DAILY to you in class during rest time. The children LOVE to LISTEN. Thanks so much for allowing the Lord to use you in this way.

-R. Stevens

A special THANK YOU for the blessing you have brought into my grandchildren's lives and other children I love. I have eleven grandchildren and it is with great joy I hear the Bible stories from their mouths. I pray that you will be able to reach into more and more homes. May God bless you with his peace, joy and strength in Christ.

-B. Ness

I cannot begin to tell you how glad we are we got these stories! We all love them. Last week our 7 year old got very excited when she found a Dan & Louie story in her picture Bible. She spent over an hour on the couch reading her Bible. Neat!

-N. Beal

I purchased my set in 1987. My two children listen to them each night to go to sleep. They continue to do this, even now, 6 years later. Both our children have come to know the Lord as Saviour and accepted Jesus into their hearts, because of listening to your stories. My husband and I enjoy listening and find them to be very educational and the lessons they teach are very important in life.

-J. Van Veldheizen, Minnesota

Our neighbor's son, David, thought at 11 he was too old for the stories, but my husband, Stan and I told him, even our teenagers and we adults listen to Dan & Louie. Now, he listens to them EVERYDAY! I asked David if he has invited Jesus into his heart and his response was "Yes, I did it with Dan & Louie!" Thank God for Dan & Louie!

-D. Stephan, Montana

My son has been listening to Dan & Louie tapes since he was 3 years old. He is now 6. Last year (as a kindergartner) he tied for 2nd place in our state in the C League of Junior Bible Quiz and lots of credit for that can be given to Dan & Louie! Dan & Louie stories are worth MORE than their weight in gold. I cannot recommend them strongly enough to parents with young children. THEY TEACH VALUES FOR ETERNITY.

-Mrs. Milkey

Three years ago I ordered for our grand-daughter a set of your 24 audio tapes. Nicole has listened to your tapes every day at home and while riding in the car. She often falls asleep listening to God's Word. She wins awards and she is known because of her Bible knowledge. I am ordering another set of the 101 Bible stories for another grandson, Colby, who is 3 years old. Thank you so much.

-S. Dodd, Oregon

I was just a kid when I first heard of Dan and Louie. My grandmother bought us an lp(record) with them telling some Bible stories. My brother and I laughed and played that record over and over. My grandmother bought us a tape with the story of Samson and Delilah. That was my favorite story because Louie was tickled about Dagon. I am looking for all of your Cd's so I can play them for our kids at church.


-Fred Hinkle

I remember listening to Dan & Louie with my children about 20 years ago . Now I am excited to buy the CD set for my 4 grand children. Thank you for a great and exciting way to impart the word of God to all of us.

God Bless You,

-Deborah Torres

I just wanted to write a small note to you and say thanks for the bible stories. My parents started buying me the cassette tapes when I was two. I remember getting up in my crib and flipping the tapes every night. I was so excited when I got a new tape. I almost had them memorized. I listened to the tapes every night when I went to bed until I was probably 16 or 17 years old. Now that I am 26, I still find myself thinking back on them and remembering the bible stories. I am going to order a set of CD’s for my nephew Colton for Christmas this year. He is only one, but it is never too early to put the word of God in his heart and soul. Thank you again for always being there for me growing up and I look forward to listening to these tapes with my children one day! God bless you!

-Chrystin Smith

I'm so excited to order cd's for my grandson! My boys grew up listening to Dan and Louie. The two oldest attended bible college and the other students were amazed at how much of the old testament they knew. They would always say "Dan and Louie"!!!!! I love it! I want my grandson to experience the same! Thank you!

-Jennifer Potts-Johnson

When our children were younger, we received a set of tapes as a Christmas Gift from one of the grandparents. Our oldest boy, who was 4 at the time, would listen to them while he was napping and at bedtime. He is now 21 and our Dan and Louie Library, while missing many volumes is still a must for our present 8 year old...and mom and dad! We listen to them on long trips, during breaks in our homeschool day, and just for something fun to do! How do I get replacement stories for those that we are missing? Thank you so much! Leah Submitted By: Leah


First I want to say that I love Dan & Louie!! I have so many memories of the wonderful stories from the bible story book castle. When I grew up and had two little girls of my own I had to see if I could get my hands on these stories. I did and now my kids listen to the stories every night.

-Nadia Bricco

About 20 years ago, as I turned four years old, my Great Grandmother gave me a box of cassette tapes containing bible stories told by a man named Dan and a dummy named Louie. I was never a religious kid, but I listened to those tapes until they all wore out. By this time, I was about ten years old, and on to other things. But I never forgot the morals and values I learned from the stories you have told. I believe it was not religion that has shaped me into the man I am today; it was the morals and values I learned from those audio tapes. My Great Grandmother passed on a few years ago, and the tapes are long gone, but I will never forget everything the dynamic duo has taught me. I have been looking for any information at all on who actually created those tapes ever since, and now I know. I am considering purchasing some of your CDs so I can listen to them all over again. Here is a long overdue "Thank you."

-Brandon A Bishop

My parents bought the tapes for me and my brothers, when I was just a little kid. We listened to them every night after my parents tucked us in. Now I am a pastor and I me and my wife are expecting our first child. We are going to get the CDs so that our Kid's can listen to these great stories.

Thank you so much,


Back in 1984 Dan and Louie came to my church in Kansas City, Missouri. We loved them so much, my parents purchased the set of 101 stories on cassette. I can't even tell you the countless hours I spent in my room with my fisher price tape recorder listening to those stories. The Bible knowledge I gained from those cassettes far surpasses any Bible class I had in college. I fell in love with the Bible...it really came to life for me. I'm now grown with a daughter of my own who can't get enough of Dan and Louie, and I'm thrilled. Kids nowadays are subjected to so many things. I'm so thankful for your positive influence. I now work at Back to the Bible Canada as the Communications Director, and just the other day in staff devotions caught myself singing "The 12 Disciples" song. Thank you for your ministry and commitment to teaching kids the Word of God. Dan and Louie have stayed with me for years, and I pray that God will use them to make a difference in my daughters life as well.

-Wendy Reaume

I have loved sharing the entire collection with my children and they have brought back great memories from my own childhood and the hours and hours spent in a car on vacation. Thank you!!

Thank you and God Bless,

-Mandee Thomas

I grew up listening to Dan and Louie and loved them. After I grew up and had children of my own, I found a few of the tapes while helping my mom clean out an old closet. My children have listened to them over and over ever since. I was excited to find your website and that you have put the stories onto CD. Thanks for continuing to offer these great stories to a new generation of children.

-Marissa C.

When I was 12, my grandmother bought my sister and I a big plastic collection of your tapes. As I grew up, the tapes were listened to over and over. Then CD's replaced tapes and so on. I've been married for 6yrs now and have felt that things like those tapes wouldn't be around or be able to be replaced. Imagine my surprise when I found this website....I'm gonna get some money together and buy this collection for my 6yr old son and 4yr old daughter so they to can enjoy the countless hours of bible stories told in a manner they can understand and come to learn to love. God bless all your hard work.

-Danae McShane

Hello. My name is John. I'm 13, and I still love Dan and Louie. Several years age, we bought all the tapes and videos. I'm not sure what happened to them all, but I still have five tapes left that I listen to almost every night as I go to bed. I hope some time we'll get your CD's! In the meantime, please make more!

-John York III

I know that I always love to get positive feedback, so I thought I should pass on some encouragement. My Grammy bought my sister and me the Dan and Louie tapes (and shipped them to us in England) when I was about 7 years old (20 years ago!). My mom told me that we could only listen to one story a day & we couldn't wait to hear it. I still remember them and talk about them to my friends. I'm thrilled that they're still available and hope to get them for my kids soon.

In Christ Jesus,

-Tess Blue

My husband purchased your cassette tapes for our son when he was 6 years old. He is now 26 and the tapes are finally just tired and worn out after going through 4 more of our children. THANK YOU for all the years of incredible stories. Our children still talk about falling to sleep each night to "Louie" tapes. We are purchasing a new set of CD's today so that this wonderful tradition and blessing can be passed down to our grandchildren.

Thank you.